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Watkins Products in Canada and USA

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Watkins Quality Food Products

For the absolute best in food cooking and baking, we have it all!

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Gourmet Recipes

With quality ingredients you can enhance all your food recipes

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Traditional and Unbeatable

In business since 1868 - Watkins is # 1!

Organic Spices

Leading the way in organic spices, Watkins has an incredible selection of full flavoured, organic spices. Once you try them you will never go back to regular store-bought spices!

Gourmet Food Products

Once you try Watkins food products you will understand the difference quality makes! From baking to cooking recipes, Watkins spices & extracts bring it home!

Business Opportunity

With one of the lowest membership fees, a Watkins business is flexible and affordable. Only $29.95 for an annual membership and no autoshipments or quotas! Plus free shipping offers.

From Tamara

I have been an Indep. Watkins Consultant since 2008. Growing up with Watkins products in my household, I love the quality and variety.

Over the years, Watkins has added new products to the product line and they are simply amazing. Top quality, every-day items at affordable prices. It's no wonder Watkins has successfully been in business for over 150 years!

My Watkins business has allowed me the work/life balance I was looking for. I have been able to be home for my children and work my own hours. Plus, I put my education to work while I help others succeed at their Watkins business!

tamara laschinsky watkins manager and sponsor

About Us

The Watkins Co. has been around since 1868, that's over 150 years ago! Starting off as a small home business, it has turned into a multi-national company. Read more about the Watkins Co. history and watch the 2-min video on the company's beginnings!

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