Have you ever wondered what running your own home business would look like? Would it mean extra income for you and the ability to take holidays when you wanted? A better work/life balance perhaps and the option to be home with your kids and/or pets? How about a more secure retirement where you can continue working casually upon retirement but still earn income from your business while you enjoy your golden years.

A Home Business

What is a Home Business?

A home business is one you run from home or any place really. Many home businesses are set up so that you can access your information so long as you have an internet connection.

So if you are vacationing or spending time away from your regular home, you can still work or check in if needed. If you decide to do online work and advertising, doing so online will help you no matter where you are.

About a Watkins Home Business

Why a Watkins Home Business?

Totally to each their own and you need to see if a Watkins home business is right for you. I have been a Watkins Indep. Consultant since 2008 and here are some of my reasons why this business works for me:

  • Great work/life balance – I have been able to stay at home and be here for my kids for the last 12 years. It allowed me to be with my daugther during her pre-school days and then to be here for off-school days, sick days and summer holidays.
  • Flexible holidays – we love to camp and I am able to take the same holidays when my husband does plus I will spend a whole month at our campsite in the summer. I can still work with Internet connection but it allows my daughter to be at the campsite with her friends for wonderful summer memories!
  • Earn extra income – I love having no limits on the income I can make.
  • Work the business my way – While I do sell occasionally I mainly focus on building a team and helping those on my team succeed at their business. This involves coaching and making graphics and videos to help with advertising which for me, is fun and creative!
  • Secure retirement – Where most people put into RRSPs and then will take them out into their retirement years, I will still be earning income to help me enjoy the lifestyle I want. I still have RRSP savings as a good backup plan but will not need them to support my lifestyle when I retire. By building a strong business now, I can work casually upon retirement but still have lots of free time to enjoy my golden years.
  • I believe in the products – I love Watkins and use the products in my home. I get a discount on my purchases and help others get the products they need.
  • No autoshipments or quotas. Free Shipping and flexible deliveries allows me to order when I need to without paying an arm and leg for shipping. I am not losing money on this business by having to reach quotas or receiving products I don’t need right away.


Home Business Cons

The downside to a home business:

  • You must be motivated and good at time management! No one is there to push you or make you accountable and if you don’t work at this like a regular business, you will fail.
  • Interruptions – since you are working from home you will often have interruptions whether it’s the kids, the pets, people coming to the door or just balancing other obligations like grocery shopping and doctors appointments.
  • No set income – how much you make depends on how hard you work. There is no get rich quick option here and you will need to take this serious to succeed.
  • You are the pathmaker – no one is going to run this business for you. I do help the people on my team by giving them graphics to use and coaching but I do not run the business for them. You will have to set your goals and make yourself accountable.
  • There will be down days – all business owners in any business has them. You must be able to pick yourself up and keep on trucking!
  • You don’t work – you don’t get paid..sort of! If you build a good stable team, you will earn money off their sales like a CEO earns off the success of their business. Building that team, however, takes time and effort.


Home Business Considerations

Factors to consider about a home business:

  • Type of product or service and do you believe in it?
  • Do you need to buy any products upfront or do autoshipments?
  • What is annual cost and are there any hidden costs?
  • Any limitations to how you can sell or sign other members up? Can you sell online and offline, and in what countries.
  • What are shipping costs and return policy?
  • Do you get support to help you learn and run your business?


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