Are you wondering what the best work from home businesses are? You are not alone! It’s great you want to start your own business but there are many considerations to make sure you start off with the right business that will help you reach your goals!

Why a Home Business

There are so many reasons you may wish to start your own home business. You may want some extra income or perhap you want to be at home more to stay with family. A home business also allows you to be more flexible so you can attend appointments, take care of the home and family, not to mention vacation when you want as long as want.

Many people start a home business and work it part-time with the intention of building it up so they can eventually work it full-time. Others use the business to add security to their retirement plan. Because home businesses are flexible you can easily do the business in your retirement years and still have income coming in.

Home businesses are also a great way to get out and meet other people and get involved in your community. Parents have started businesses to educate their kids on how business works and the value of customer service.

Whatever your reasons, you need to make sure the home business you look at will fit your needs and schedule.

Home Business Options

Some of the main things to look at and get information on for your home business are:

  • Membership fees
  • Required autoshipments
  • Shipping charges
  • Monthly quotas
  • Website fees
  • Available training
  • Restrictions on selling
  • Restrictions on advertising
  • Available countries to sell in
  • Catalogue prices and changes
  • Product line-up and demand
  • History and success of company

You also need to believe in the product or service. It helps if you use the product yourself because you will likely get a discount on those items, thus saving you money as well!

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The Watkins Home Business

Perosonally, the best work from home businesses I found were those that had minimal costs and no autoshipments. Too many home businesses charge high fees for membership, high shipping charges, use autoshipments and have quotas which force you to order every month which can be very costly if you don’t have the sales yet.

I’ve tried many home businesses over the years (mostly to get discounts on the products I love and use) and the one that has been tried and true and my success has been Watkins, since 2007 for me!

Watkins has been around for over 150 years, offering their money back guarantee and standing behind their products 100%! Offering top quality products for the home and personal care, they have a great product lineup for everyday items at everyday prices. With a Watkins business you have:

  • Low signup fee $29.95
  • NO autoshipments
  • NO monthly quotas
  • Free S&H (Orders $100 or more) flat rate $10.95 under $100.
  • Free websites to promote business and help customers order from you
  • Flexibility in selling: Sell at markets/trade shows, parties, direct, online
  • Open to Canadian and USA markets
  • Freedom to advertise, make you own websites and social media pages
  • Free training and graphics to use
  • Chances to win free trips, enter in contests and win free products and gift certificates
  • Good compensation with ability to reach higher levels
  • Option to build a business and add others to your team

Learn more about the business here…

Which Home Business is Right for You

The most important thing you will do as you research home business options is to see what works for you!

Look at your availability – how  much time will you have to do this business, how much money will you invest in products, social media design, doing trade shows etc.

Do you like the products and believe in them? Do you also use them yourself because a membership also allows you to buy them at a discount. You can save money on your own everyday items!

Will the compensation plan work for you and does the business model allow you to grow your business over time and earn the income you are looking for?

If you have any questions, please contact me – I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

I’m ready to start my business now!