Where to Order From

If you are looking to order Watkins products online in Canada you are at the right place! The website to go to is http://www.Watkins1868.com/consultant/378193. You may ask why you need to go to my direct site. In order to see all the Watkins products including your faves like Medicated Ointment, Petro Carbo, Bath and Body and more, you need to go through a consultant’s site.

Ordering if in Canada

Our website currently works best on a desktop computer. If on a mobile device, please keep reading to see how to order Watkins products online in Canada.

Once you get to the website, I would advise creating a customer account. It’s free and allows you to track your orders and see your order history. Simply go to top-right corner and first click on Canadian flag. Then in top right corner click on Sign in/Create Account.

Create a customer account and you are set up! Now you can begin to order. Browse the categories and add items to your cart. Be sure to check out the monthly sales too! If an item is out of stock you will be prompted to enter your email address and notified once it’s in stock.

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Ordering Watkins Products With Mobile Device

Since our site works best on a desktop it’s preferred to use that, however if you only have a mobile device (phone, tablet) you can still order Watkins products online in Canada with these steps:

  1. Once on the website, scroll to the bottom of the page/screen.
  2. In the black footer section is ‘View Desktop Site’ click on that link
  3. You are now in desktop mode – while it may not fit great on your screen, you can scroll around and shop as usual
  4. Select Canadian flag at top right and then create customer account in Sign In/Create Account.
  5. Begin shopping!

If you have any questions or problems please contact me for assistance!

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