How to Join Watkins as a Home Business Consultant


Are you wanting to join Watkins as a home business consultant but unsure how to get started? Or perhaps you are trying to join but having some problems signing up? I can help! All of our consultants join online through the official Watkins website, however, sometimes people have computer issues or only have mobile phones making it trickier to get signed up. If you are having problems joining and want help – I am here for you. See below for your two options to join:


Join Online


Our main website is and it is here you will join as a Watkins consultant. To be placed on my team you can go to


Join Watkins in Canada Video




Join Watkins in USA Video




Get Help to Join Watkins

If you are having problems signing up or are not comfortable using the computer, I can help you out.

On my end I can help you sign up from my computer. We have 2 options here:

1. You can email your information ahead of time to

2. You can give me your information when I call you (takes a few minutes longer as I input your information on the Watkins website) Email me saying you would like to join and need assistance.

Once you contact me, we can arrange a good time for me to call you. I will then input your information on the Watkins website and get you signed up as a consultant.

Payment – A credit card or interac Visa debit is needed. I do not write this information down and please do not send this information via email to me. Once your signup is ready to be completed I will verbally get the information from you and input it into the Watkins website.

Confirmation – You will get an email right after payment goes through with your new ID# and more information. I will also send you a screenshot from my end that will have your ID# and success message (sometimes at month end or on weekends there can be a delay in getting your email from Watkins so I like to send a screenshot so you have a record of the transaction.)

USA Residents – you will need to provide your SSN. Again, please do not send me that information via email, I will collect it verbally when we talk on the phone and will not keep a written copy of it.

About Tamara Lynn

tamara lynn watkins manager and sponsor
I have been a Watkins consultant & national team manager for over 12 years now. Your privacy and internet safety is my top concern. If you have me assist you with the signup I take every measure to ensure your privacy including using a private/incognito window on my computer so none of your information is retained on my end.

You can verify my identity by going to my consultant website You will see my phone # listed there by Watkins (which is the # I will call you from) and my email.

You can also call Watkins at 1.800.928.5467 to speak to customer service at Watkins corporate and ask to verify I am a legit and active Watkins consultant, ID# 378193.

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