Watkins Products In Stores

Have you heard about Watkins products being sold in stores?
It is true and there are a few things you need to know if you come across a store selling Watkins products.

Why are Watkins Products In Stores

watkins products in storesFewer and fewer consultants were going out to markets and fairs and getting themselves known. Watkins has always relied on consultants to get out in public and represent the company and make customers aware of the variety of products offered.

As each consultant is on their own for advertising, you can imagine it isn’t always easy for customers to find Watkins products, even if their neighbor was selling it! Many customers even believed Watkins had closed it’s doors since they didn’t see it anywhere.

The Watkins Co. decided on a method called Brand Awareness and began placing some of the line in stores. If you have ever been to a store and looked at the shelves and variety of products, especially in personal or beauty care – the choices are overwhelming! It became essential for Watkins to get it’s name in front of customers again, thus the decision to put some products in stores.


Pro’s of Watkins Products in Stores

good to have watkins products in stores proLet’s look at this from 2 standpoints:  As a customer and as a consultant.

As a Watkins customer, it is beneficial to have Watkins products available to you right in the store where you can do a one stop shop for all your needs and supplies (non-Watkins included).  It also allows you to get your products immediately and see what new products may be available.

As a Watkins consultant, you may find customers calling you for more products if the store is not carrying the ones they want. Or they may recall the home business option and want to learn more about that. Stores can be a source of advertising for you.

Con’s of Watkin’s Products in Stores

bad for watkins products in stores conAgain we will look at this from 2 viewpoints: Customer and Consultant.

From a customer’s standpoint it would appear there would not be any con’s. Except maybe that stores won’t carry the whole line of product and it may have you searching around elsewhere to get what you want. Another possibility is stores can charge what they want and often they increase prices to cover overhead. Often a price increase of 10-20% isn’t too bad. I have seen increases of 50% higher or more but those have been rare cases.

From a consultant’s point of view, having Watkins products in stores can seem like competition. Afterall, customers can go right in, buy the product and done! Some stores even price products lower and how can you compete with that? (You don’t by the way!)


Is it Beneficial Having Watkin’s Products in Stores

benefits to watkins in stores

Yes AND No! It depends on what you are looking for from a customer standpoint and if the price point is good. Another thing to look for are expiry dates and best by dates. Most stores keep their line current but I have been in some stores, especially smaller ones that had close to if not already expired products for sale. At that point, you can try to return it to the store and hope they honor whatever return policy they have.

It is, however, convenient if the product you want is right there and you can just walk in and buy it. You won’t get introduced to new products though and for a catalogue you will need to find a Watkins consultant to assist you.

From a consultant’s point of view, same thing. Yes and No! Yes it’s great to have Watkins’ products in stores as it helps get the name out and often will have customers looking for you after so they can order other items. 

Of course it is competition and if you and the store sell the same item for the same price, it is not a competition at all, the cusotmer will likley buy from the store along with their other needed goods. Of course, if the store doesn’t have what the customer wants or is selling at a very high price, they will come looking for you!

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