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Benefits of Working From Home

Are you wondering about the benefits of working from home? Many people run a home-based business and find it is helfpul in a variety of aspects of their lives. See if you could benefit from starting a home-based business today!

More Family Time and Work/Life Balance

work life balance family time with workOne benefit of working from home is better work/life balance! For many this means more family time and a less hectic pace for getting everything done. 

You can still get your household work done and take the kids to doctor appointmets and work in between that schedule. Saving money on child care costs, commuting and other expenses associated with working outside of the home.

Using part of the work week to finish on household chores also frees up your weekends so you enjoy more quality time.


Flexible Vacations

benefit of working from home vacationsAnother Benefit of Working From Home is having your own schedule and ability to set your vacations.

If your spouse/partner has set holidays each year, you can work your schedule around theirs. This is especially helpful in households where one person gets more vacation time than the other. 

You can also work remotely on vacation. While that doesn’t necessarily sound like a vacation, imagine the family wants to take a month long trip. You can use the internet to keep up on some work a couple hours a week even and keep things rolling. If you want to take all of the summer off that’s fine too! You can plan ahead and set things in motion so you can be away for a couple of month and enjoy a huge amount of you time!

The Future is Open: The Choices are Yours!

benefits of working from home business planningA huge benefit of working from home is the ability to make choices and have more control on how your business works!

Let’s face it, when you work for someone else the choices for the company’s future are really out of your hands. You do the work assigned to you and work within parameters. Even if you are part of the strategic team for business development, you must consultant with other people including the higher ups before proceeding. Many factors including team performance can determine your success probability.

Owning your own business let’s you control the narrative – to an extent of course! The company is still the company and they do have rules and guidelines. They can change their products and pricing and other business requirements. However, you can ADAPT to those changes and use creativity and innovation to rise above the challenges and find a way to success.

Any successful business owner will tell you the ability to adapt to external and internal circumstances is critical to longevity and success. As a business owner yourself, you have the ability to challenge yourself and find solutions to take the business in the direction you feel is best!


How to Decide on a Home Business

benefits to watkins in stores


Like ANY business you must research the type of business you wish to get in to and the company you wish to work with.

It is important you believe in the company, their products/services and feel comfortable with their ability to stay afloat even in tough times. 

It’s great when a NEW company emerges and the ‘ground floor’ opportunity is there, but many of these companies collapse within the first few years. Do you really want to invest all your time and expertise into something that will just cease to exist soon? (Of course your answer is no!  You want a long-term plan your retirement business!)

Loving the products/services is important meaning you stand by them and believe in them. If you love butterscotch candies and want to join a home business selling them, your target market is small. Choosing a company that offers products/services people NEED and that you support is key.

Make sure you know all costs including any autoshipments, shipping, quotas to fill, packages to buy etc. Understand the compensation plan, the limitations on selling and/or marketing and if there are any territory restrictions. 

Most important – find someone to consult with who will be 100% honest with you and answer your questions. You want someone who has done this for awhile and is willing to help you and share what they have learned over the years. 

The Home Business I Recommend

Well, it is likely obvious I recommend the Watkins Home Business! I have been with the company as an Indep. Consultant since 2008 and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

I have been able to stay home with my kids and be there for them. My work/life balance has been good and yes, this is the business I’m building for my retirement. Vacations have been plentiful as is my schedule. The ability to change things up and find new strategies as the times changed has been exciting and opportunities I look forward to.

With no autoshipments or comitments, territories or crazy restrictions, Watkins home business fit very well for my needs. Plus, they don’t offer ‘Want’ items, (those that customers want but can do without.) They offer ‘Need’ items (those which customers need) Keeping demand in full swing.

I will also mention they survived recessions and depressions and the last two crazy years, always paying their consultants and ensuring they have product for customers (even if some product where unavailable due to shipping and procurement issues, they had plenty of other options, always!)

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