Join Watkins Business for Special Price – July 2022

If you have been wanting to join Watkins and start your Watkins home based business, July 2022 is the PERFECT time to start! With a special price on the Watkins home business this month, and total flexibility, you can get started today and still enjoy summer at home and vacation time!

We have a special promotion this month for new consultants who want to join Watkins!

Our membership fee has always been low, regular $29.95. This month, however, you can join for only $19.95!

It is a very low price to invest and start up your Watkins home business today.

You can still enjoy summer and work your regular job while getting your Watkins business up and running. Plus, enjoy discounts on your own purchases including our great cooking and grilling spices and marinades and more!

join watkins july 2022 special price

What Comes With a Watkins Home Business

what comes with a watkins home business

When you start a Watkins home business you can look forward to these free tools:

  • Watkins E-Consutant Site
  • Watkins Business Site
  • Training Website from Timeless Integrity
  • Graphics and Promotional Ideas from Timeless Integrity

In addition to the free tools provided by Watkins Co. When you join my team you also get the following:

  • Free graphics & videos to use for promoting your business
  • Free listing on so customers can find you
  • Option to join our Facebook Team Group
  • Free one on one business coaching
  • Access to member-only training site
  • Automatic membership to the Gold Team Training Group

Reasons to Start a Watkins Home Business

Watkins consultants have many reasons for why they started their own home business

With the flexibility of this business and no auto-shipments, it is the perfect business to start anytime and work it when you can.

People have joined Watkins for a variety of reasons including:

  • Earning extra income
  • Earning income while staying home with the kids
  • Earning income while at home for medical reasons
  • Getting involved in the community via markets and trade shows
  • Starting a business for retirement purposes
  • Meeting new people
  • Teaching your kids how to start and run a business

Whatever your reasons, a flexible Waktins home business is a great opportunity.

reasons to start a home business

How to Start Your Watkins Home Business

join watkins home business

So you are ready to start your home businesss but just wondering how?

It’s very easy and you just need to sign up online and fill out the forms! Your membership will be activated right away and you can start selling/ordering!

A desktop computer does work best and if you need help signing up just let me know. I can phone you and we can work together as I help get you signed up.

If you a bit more information on the business first, learn more about the Watkins Home Business and FAQs here…