Watkins Products: Special Bundles

Just in time for the holidays, Watkin is offering special bundles which make for great gift giving ideas as well as saving you money on your own purchases!

Watkins Gift Baskets – Get creative!

Introducing Watkins gift baskets and ideas. With the holidays and holiday baking coming up it’s a great time to do some Watkins’ shopping! We have some special bundles which are priced to save you money and make some unique gifts to people on your list!

Stock up on these products today.

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Watkins products make great gift basket ideas

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Why give Watkins products as a gift basket?

  • Totally unique ideas
  • Customize and make your own unique baskets
  • Top quality and useable products everyone can enjoy
  • Great price point

If you want to save even more money, consider joining as a consultant!

  • Get a discount on your orders (see under Home Business FAQs for details on the discount schedule)
  • Make money on products you sell
  • Very flexible, work this business when you want to earn extra cash or just get your own discounts

As a member of my team you also get:

  • Free graphics & videos to use for promoting your business
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  • Access to member-only training site
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Ideas for Making Watkins Gift Baskets

How you can make your own Watkins gift baskets

Gift baskets are lots of fun to make and they truly ensure you are giving a unique, non-store bought gift! Tailor your basket to the recipients needs and give them something to smile about.

Some ideas when making a gift basket:

  • Use a holder that has a use, such as a baking tray or pot, an outdoor hat or a basket for storing goods
  • Arrange your Watkins products neatly in the holder of your choice
  • Buy extra items to go with the theme. For example, if you are doing a baking basket, look for small rolling pins or other baking utensils and add them to the basket. Many can be found at local dollar stores and they add a little extra to the basket!
  • Buy some cellophane wrap (again, local dollar store if you want). Place some under the basket and bring all corners up above basket, using a tie to hold it all in place, then wrap a bow on top! Done! Then you can wrap the entire basket in gift wrap OR before wrapping in cellophane, place some tissue inside so the contents can not be seen.

You can include home made goods and drawings or art from the kids…there is so much to be creative with!

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Where to buy Watkins products

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Ready to buy your Watkins products for your gift baskets? It’s easy and fast, delivered right to your door!

Step 1: Go to www.Watkins1868.com/consultant/378193

Step 2: (on desktop) click on top right corner and select flag of the country you are in (Canada or USA)

Step 3: Create a FREE Customer account

Step 4: Browse the categories and add items to your cart, once done, checkout and wait 5-7 business for your order!

If you have any questions or encounter problems ordering online, please contact me!