Instapot Slow Cooked Roast Beef: With Watkins Beef Gravy

So easy to make, set it and forget it! I love my Instapot and slow-cooking anything. It’s easy, the flavours simmer all day and food is so tasty and wonderful!

Instapot Slow-Cooked Roast Beef

One of my favorite  recipes to make is roast beef! It’s so easy and there is so much you can do with leftovers! (If there are any left!) Normally we just eat the leftovers the next day as is, but you can make hot beef sandwiches, cold beef sandwiches, eat the beef as part of cold cut plate, make a beef pot pie or just put the beef in the gravy and freeze for another day!

I love the Instapot because it’s not messy, you just throw everything in there, close the lid and set the time – done! I can cook things fast by using pressure cooking mode but I prefer the slow cook mode (since I work from home anyways and can set it up at 10am and let it cook all day!)

Slow cooked roast beef instapot with Watkins beef gravy

Why Slow Cook Foods?

slow cooker

Reasons to slow cook foods:

  • Meat products will come out super tender
  • Slow cooking allows spices and flavors to really enhance
  • Easy way to make large dinner

On high slow cook mode you can get your meal done in 4 hours roughly – handy if you forget to set it up or need to grab some ingredients before setting it up. ON slow cook mode, you run about 6-8 hours on a lower setting, allowing even more time for your food to take in all that flavor and get even more tender!

When I’m doing a roast like this I like to slow cook on LOW for about 6 hours (depending on size of roast), then I take it out of pot while I make gravy and set it in oven on low heat (which helps brown up the outsides but flavor and juices are still locked in!

Recipe for Instapot Slow Cooked Beef

Making your roast beef in the instapot

The great thing with slow-cooking is it doesn’t really matter what meat you buy, therefore I will often buy a tougher (and cheaper) cut. I will cut off any ‘silver skin’ (you’ve seen this before, it’s the very tough skin that will NEVER break down no matter how long you cook it! See this video here on how to remove it from your meats…)

Step 1: In your Instapot, add about 2 cups of water and 4 Tablespoons of Watkins beef gravy mix. Whisk and set prepared roast (silver skin removed) into pot. Add seasonings of choice to roast. I like sprinkling on dry hot mustard to roast beef plus I choose Watkins Steak Seasoning Blend as it has all the spices I want in one jar! I also like to add a splash of red wine vinegar to help break down tough fibres or just some good ol’ Red Wine for flavor!

Plug in pot, close lid with ‘allow steam to vent’ knob set to open. Choose Slow cook and set for 6 hours. (halfway through cook time you can flip meat if you want to soak in juices more, it’s optional!)

Step 2: Once time is done (and it can be done after a few hours, check tenderness and decide for yourself) Remove roast from pot and place in oven set at low temp (200 degrees F). Make a gravy with the juices. To do this I put about 3 Tablespoons of flour into a bowl and add water until I have a cream like consistency paste. Whisk any lumps out and slowly add to Instapot, whisking as you add. Turn Instapot to Boil mode for high heat and to make the flour. You can also use Gluten Free Flour! Once gravy is formed, turn Instapot off.

Step 3: Remove roast from oven, place on cutting board and slice meat up. Serve!

What to Serve With Instapot Slow Cooked Roast Beef

watkins variety of spices

I can’t tell you what to serve with your Instapot slow cooked roast beef, but I can offer some suggestions!

  1. Garlic Mashed Potatoes – Goes so well with a roast and allows you to eat up all the gravy too! Spices I use in my potatoes are all Watkins and include Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper. Sometimes some dill as well!
  2. Honey Glazed Carrots with Dill – I very much love dill and especially Watkins dill! The color is so deep and the flavor is so rich! I steam my carrots first until sligtly crisp then melt some butter and honey in pan. Add carrots and cook on high heat for a few min until they are glazed. Add some salt and dill during cooking and voila!
  3. Asparagus – Another fave for me and so simple to make. In a pan with a bit of water place asparagus in single layer. Bring to boil and steam for 1 min. Drain and add some butter and salt.
  4. Bernaise Sauce – A cheat for me but I do love my bernaise sauce too! Great on roast beef and I have been known to dip my asaparagus, advocado and potatoes in there too! I do cheat and buy store bought prepared, but if you wish to make your own there are many great recipes online!
  5. Advocado – When fresh and in season I LOVE advocado! By the time I have finsihed everything on my plate I’m pretty full, but to me, advocado is dessert! I will have a half with a bit of balsamic vinegar drizzled over it!