Video: Watkins Compensation Plan – Points vs Volume

This video will explain the Watkins Compensation Plan. I will go over the difference between Points and Volume, how different level are determined, the defination of points and volume, how to understand your reports and the pay structure as well as an overview of the different levels.

How the Home Business Works

Understanding how a home business works is key to success.  Many home businesses sound simple and easy and often there are hidden rules or restrictions which conflict with how you wanted to run the business. I encourage anyone wishing to start the business to contact me with any questions and I’m happy to answer them for you. This is a business decision and being fully informed is your right.

Restrictions to Selling Watkins: 

  • Only in person to those in your home country (Canada or USA)
  • Online only to your customers in Canada and USA (we do not sell anywhere else in the world)
  • Can not sell on other online sites like E-bay, Amazon, Marketplace etc.

Managing Your Business: 

  • You must always refer to yourself as an Indep. Watkins Consultant (as we are not employed by Watkins Co.)
  • Always conduct yourself professionally ( this is probably just common sense!)
  • Do not impersonate the Watkins Co or have any email/website with the name Watkins in it
  • Honor the money back guarantee if customer is not satisfied with produce (Watkins will assist with this)
  • Do not sell old or expired products to customers (as if often found on Amazon or E-bay from people who are just trying to get rid of old stock)

What You Should Know: 

  • Compensation plan is based on your volume/sales and is cumulative each month (See compensation plan here)
  • We are paid around the 6th business day of the next month after sales are evaluated
  • There are NO autoshipments, automatic withdrawal of funds or quotas to remain active
  • S&H fee is currently flat-rate $9.95 (as of January 2023)

About Watkins: 

  • Watkins has been around since 1868 (over 150 years)!
  • Survived recessions and depressions and never missed paying out their home-based consultants
  • Main focus is on food products which are top quality, largely organic and  everyday household items
  • We sell some personal care products from our previous division J.R Watkins (hand soaps, medicinal, body care)
  • We have partnered with Nordic Ware to offer some kitchen baking cookware
  • Canada orders ship from Ontario. USA orders ship from Minnesota. No customs or currency conversion charges.
  • Reliable and flexible home business, order and sell when you want, as often or little as you want
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