Watkins Members Get a Discount on Personal Purchases

Love Watkins products? Did you know Watkins members get a discount on personal purchases? That’s right, when you buy a membership for only $29.95/year you can get discounts on your own purchases. You also get access to ‘consultant’ only sales and prices. Of course, you can sell products too and earn extra income, but even if you just wanted to save some money on purchases for yourself and family/friends you totally can!

How Much of a Discount Can I Get

Our discount schedule is posted below and will show you how much of a discount you can get on your purchases.

Upfront Discount

When you order for yourself, if your order qualifies you will receive your discount right away. Going with a minimum order and our lowest discount, this means when you order $150 or more in one order, you get 15% off that order right at checkout. So you are saving $22.50 right away. Order at least once more during the year and the membership has paid for itself and you saved extra. Order more than that and it’s all savings.

Consultant (Member) Only Discounts

We often have consultant only sales to which are for our paid members. Sometimes they are bulk buys, and other times or at the same time there are also clearance items. Example, this month (May 2023) we have our Steak and Chicken Grilling Seasonings on as a 12 pack and save 22% which is $18 savings. Now of course, you may say “Well I don’t need 12 jars of steak spice (then again, if you are a fanatic BBQ griller like me, maybe you do!) but that’s fine, you can sell those spices to others at the discounted price or regular price and earn some cash, your call.

Other Discounts

We also have other member only discounts on products when they are on clearance or about to be discontinued. You can often save upwards of 50% on these items and again, keep them for yourself or sell them to others, never any pressure.

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Selling Requirements With a Watkins Membership


Okay that would be a pretty short paragraph but what can I say, there are no selling requirements with a Watkins membership! You can buy whenever and whatever you want as many or few times as you want. Some members (consultants) will buy monthly while others may only buy once a year. You do not have to buy any amounts to keep your membership active. It is an annual membership which doesn’t even auto-renew, so the control lies with you.

Sale price on Watkins home business membership

Things to Know About the Watkins Membership

If you do decide to get a Watkins Membership, keep these things in mind:

Buying Products: 

  • You can buy your products anytime and order as much as you want or as little as you want
  • The discounts begin at $150 and go up from there (but they are also cumulative during the month so if you place multiple orders you may earn extra money, see discount chart above and Compensation bullet below.)
  • You can buy products from the country you are in. So if you are in Canada you can buy products available in Canada. If you are in the USA you are able to buy products available in the USA
  • Products ship from the country you are in, so there is no across border issues or exchange rates to worry about!

Selling Products: 

  • You can choose to sell products if you wish. As a Watkins member you have this right and can charge customers whatever price you want. Share the discounts, mark up the prices etc. There are no income tax slip given out, it will be up to you to report your income.
  • There is no need to sell products if you are a Watkins member but if you do want to know more about selling and different methods, check out our FAQs here…

Shipping Fees: 

  • We have flat rate shiping of $9.95 when you order direct from Watkins
  • If you decide to deliver to customers (should you wish to sell products) charge what you want as a shipping and handling fee

Extra Compensation: 

  • If you place multiple orders a month you may be entitled to a higher discount than what your individual orders got you, you can review the compensation plan and videos here to understand how this works
  • If you do earn extra compensation you will get that in the form of direct deposit on the 8th day of the next month

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: 

  • We always have our satifaction guarantee so whether you buy as a member or customer, your satifaction is guaranteed or money back!If you have any questions at all, please contact me.
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