Back to School – Working from Home

The kids are going back to school and now is a great time to think about working from home! Why not have a more flexible lifestyle and better work/life balance? With a home business you can set your own hours and also get your other obligations done like chores around the home, doctors appoinments for the kids etc.

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Working From Home – Pros

Working from home has many pro’s. 

  • Set your own schedule and work hours
  • Have time to get your other obligations done (chores, appointments, kid’s sports and other activities)
  • Build your business as you wish to have it done
  • Pride in ownership of the business you build
  • Income tax write-offs for the portion of home/utilities dedicated to your workspace
  • Avoid rush-hour and having to rush home if the kids are sick or school is cancelled
  • No need to pay for daycare and before and after school programs or spring break care
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Working from Home – Cons

Working from home also has it’s Cons.

  • No boss or anyone to answer to: You must be able to stay motivated and on task, it’s easy to put things off for another day when there is no one to answer to
  • No guaranteed pay or income: If you don’t do the work you are not going to make money.
  • New businesses take time and patience to establish: You must be willing to set a schedule that works for you and set goals to reach success
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Working From Home – With Watkins

Luckily, if you are looking at working from home with a Watkins business, you are reading the right article! Here is why Watkins is a good business:

  • Good business model and products which customers love and need and use every day.
  • Strong history, in business over 150 years and going strong
  • No autoshipments or quotas to remain active
  • Affordable products which are ‘need’ products,  not ‘want’ products. Customers do need these products.
  • Many options for selling such as direct selling, trade shows, home parties and online options
  • Free websites to send your customers to
  • Lots of training and resources available to you
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Joining Watkins on Tamara Lynn’s Team

Joining on my team also gives you some perks:

  • I have been an Indep. Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager since 2009 (14 years now)
  • Every month I create graphics you can use to help promote your business
  • Our Facebook Team Group is free for you to join and provides lots of help and insights as well as community with other peers
  • I provide a team training website with many of the common questions about getting started and tips based on your preferred selling method
  • You can choose to have a free listing on where customers can find you and reach out to you directly
  • One on one training with me if requested, this is my job and what I do so I’m here to help, Contact me with questions!
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About the Author

Tamara Lynn has been an Indep. Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager since 2008. She has coached thousands of consultants across North America and focuses on helping her team build their business as well as aiding customers in finding the products they want.

With a degree in Business Administration, E-commerce & Marketing and over 20 years experience in the Business Industry, Tamara Lynn is here to help answer your questions!

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