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Safflower and CLA for Natural Weight Loss

With over 30% of Americans considered obese, being overweight is a growing concern. Not only does having extra weight on your body hurt your self image, it also poses many health concerns, some of which can be deadly. Having an active lifestyle and reducing your caloric intake is most recommended to help control your weight, but there is also a new revelation to help you get rid of those existing fat stores surrounding your stomach.

Safflower and CLA Oils Target Stomach Fat

safflower oil cla natural weight loss remedyNot really a 'new' discovery but certainly one that received much attention after Dr. Oz featured CLA on his popular daytime television show. CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is an oil that targets fat cells in the stomach area and helps your body metabolize that fat better.

Our diets do not contain enough CLA, as most of the essential oil is stripped away from our over-processed foods. CLA helps the glucose from foods to enter our muscles instead of being stored as fat. It also helps the fat enter the cell membranes so it can be burned for fuel. Without enough CLA, the fat is simply stored where we don't want it to be stored!

Safflower Oil is another oil that has been praised for it's weight loss actions. In a small study, it was shown that more people lost a higher percentage of weight when they took Safflower oil, verses those who took CLA. However, the study was small and can not be considered 100% conclusive.

Risks and Side Effects of Safflower and CLA

Both oils can promote insulin sensitivity and reduce blood glucose levels. For this reason, anyone with diabetes or heart problems should likely avoid taking CLA or Safflower Oil until they can speak with their doctor. Also, the effects of taking this oils have not been tested for safety for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Best Way to Lose Weight Naturally

Eat! Seriously. You should at least have your 3 meals a day with small snacks in between. This begins your body's metabolizing process. If you skip breakfast or other meals, your body goes into "survival" mode and stores energy (fat). By providing your body with constant nourishment, it can rev up the engines and burn more of it off.

Drink Water. Water is awesome and helps flush toxins from your body. It also helps you feel fuller and can help you avoid bad snacks and too much snacking!

Watch the foods you eat. Avoid high-sugar foods and extra fatty foods. Avoid fast food as much as you can, the amount of sodium in a fast food burger or breakfast sandwhich is crazy unbelievable! If you have a hankering for something sweet, try some fruit instead of a chocolate bar. If your craving is driving you nuts - go ahead and have it but then do a bit of excercise to counter the calories! (Personally, if I want a certain ice cream sundae and can't stop thinking of it, I work out for 30 minutes first so I can justify having the sundae. Often, by the time I'm done working out I don't even want the sundae anyways and am happy with some water or popcorn!) Don't eat too close to bedtime exercise walk lose weight naturallyeither or that food will just sit there as your metabolismn slows down for the night!

Exercise. It isn't that scary - really! Do what you like to do. Some people love weights, or yoga or high-impact aerobics. Others like Pilates or Zumba. Heck, you can even go for a walk or jog. Do something! Do not just sit on the couch after dinner no matter how tired you feel. Make yourself at least do a quick walk somewhere or even 10 minutes of exercise. If, after that you are still tired, go ahead and sit down. But often, once you start exercising your body gets new energy and you feel revived and refreshed! (But don't work out too close to bedtime or you may have too much energy and find it hard to sleep!)


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