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Watkins - How to Start a Business

Imagine Doing What You Love - Wherever You Are!

Whether you plan to work a Watkins home business full-time, part-time or casual, you can rest easy knowing this business is totally flexible and designed to work with YOUR schedule!

One of the best features about this business is Watkins does not do any autoshipments, nor do they make you meet quotas every month or quarter to remain active. You pay your membership and then it's up to you -  no hassle, no fuss. Work when you want, how you want. 

You may be wondering how to start a business, don't worry - we can help you with that! Some consultants do this as a side business or something to build for retirement, while others do this full-time and enjoy a wonderful work/life balance. The choice is yours! 

As a Watkins consultant you are free to reach out to customers in Canada and the USA and sponsor in both countries. You must be a resident of one of the countries in order to be a consultant. We provide you with training and plenty of support to answer any questions you have.

I also provide online listings for my team so customers can find them easier. There is no shortage of information, training, tips and tricks made available to you.

Some methods available to you for conducting business are through online methods, doing markets or trade shows, hosting home parties or doing direct sales. Watkins is very supportive and loyal to both their consultants and customers.

You can join for personal purchases, to start your own individual business or buy wholesale for your existing store!

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You can learn more about the business by clicking the button below and can also join  my team that way.

If you want to find a local consultant near you, click on the links below. Please keep in mind though, not all consultants are interested in sponsoring so if you reach out to someone and don't receive work back, please contact me and I'll see how I can assist you:

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