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History of Watkins

1868 - The Watkins company was about to begin! Joseph Ray Watkins, working out of his home, produced a natural pain relieving liniment which was to become a staple with the Watkins products. This one of a kind pain relieve contained camphor and capsicum to provide pain relief for tired, aching muscles. 

As the company grew, more products were formulated and introduced. In 1895 the award winning Watkins Vanilla, Pepper and Cinnamon were introduced and were a big hit! The company will build additional manufacturing buildings as it continued to grow.

1919 - As WWII approached Watkins focused on producing products for government contracts. Such items included dried eggs, powdered juices, vitamins, hospital germicide and insecticide powder. 

1951 - The year Bill Porter began his career. Who is Bill Porter you may ask? He was the famous 'Watkins Man', going door-to-door selling his goods despite his crippling cerebral palsy. Over 50 years as a Watkins consultant, Bill inspired many others and would later be featured in many new stories and even the television show "Door to Door".

2006 - Watkins begins to reformulate some of it's baking and food products in it's effort to provide truly natural products. 

2019 - Watkins continues to be a strong company, providing top quality products to customers and sustainable business opportunities to individuals. With even more products scheduled to be introduced this year, Watkins works to hear it's customers needs and provide product for everyone.

Watkins Products

Watkins only provides the best quality with the finest ingredients and has always done so.

They still offer their satisfaction guarantee which has made them a trusted company from customers and consultants alike. 

From individual spices, to spice blends and pure baking extracts - Watkins has what you are looking for!

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Watkins History Video

The Two Minute Watkins Video

Capture over 150 years of success and business growth in this informative two minute video! From the early beginnings to the "Watkins Man" to where we are today! Watkins' prides itself on top quality products, respecting customers and treating their consultants well. It's no wonder Watkins is one of the top most trusted companies out there! With satisfaction guarantees and a strong, stable history - you can count on Watkins to be there!  Watch the Watkins Video now...

Screenshot of the two minute Watkins video showing the history of the company.

Screenshot of the two minute Watkins video showing the history of the company.

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