Cabos San Lucas 2017

RUI Hotel Adults Only

This was a great trip, with our flight heading straight to Cabos San Lucas we were greeted upon landing by a private driver who had cold water and cool towels for us. Straight to our hotel, express check-in and then to the VIP room for a refreshing drink and a quick hello to other consultants who were there already.

A great perk to this trip is you can take whoever you want as a +1 (except another Watkins consultants unless they also won the trip). As a surprise for my brother's 40th birthday, I took him along on this trip and we had a blast! 

Dining with consultants I hadn't seen since the last trip, going on boating tours, snorkeling, shopping in town, dining on the beach and just lounging by the pool. 

The waters at Cabos are rough though and huge waves - I would not recommend trying to go swimming right at the resort!

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The RUI hotel in Cabos San Lucas,  wonderfully warm weather and the hotel has such an open and airy concept. 


Having dinner with some of the consultants at the RUI in Cabos San Lucas- good times for all! I love to travel and even better when it's a free vacation!


Cool pool water is a great way to stay refreshed. Prop up against the edge of the Infinity pool and look out over the ocean waters. Best vacation is a free vacation!


The waters off the resort shores are wild. Waves come and go, some are small, others are huge! Don't let your guard down when walking along the beach and keep your eyes to the water to be ready to run to higher ground!


A short boat ride to the arch named "Lands End" and you will be on Lover's beach. Enjoy quieter waters and take a swim or snorkel. 


On a boat tour to Lands End, we saw very playful seals swimming and sunbathing. Many fish below us and amazing waters.


Having a light lunch at Cabos San Lucas and still enjoying the outdoors! That would be Lands End in the background.


At Cabos San Lucas, there are many places to sit and relax - by yourself or with a group. Sit indoors for some shade or by the patio to listen to the waves. If you like to travel, why not find out how to get a free vacation instead of paying for it!


Going into town, having some snacks at the pier. Clean area and very friendly and safe. Amazing food too!


You won't get guacamole fresher than this! Made table side with the freshest avocados, we enjoyed some chips and fresh margaritas.


Dinner at The Office on the Beach - make reservations!!! We did not but luckily we were chatting with a couple who did have reservations and they invited us to share their table with them - an all around amazing night and amazing food! While this was a free vacation, dinner on the beach was something we paid extra for - well worth it!


Check out the many tequila bars in Cabos San Lucas and do some taste testing. You have your run of the mill tequilas and then the special ones. I'm not a huge tequila fan but Adictivus made it's way home with me! Smooth and beautiful tequila!