Cancun Watkins free vacation trip 2015

Cancun 2015

Secrets Adults Only

This was a wonderful trip, with our flight heading straight to Cancun we were greeted upon landing by a private driver who had cold water and cool towels for us. Straight to our hotel, express check-in and then to the VIP room for a refreshing drink and a quick hello to other consultants who were there already.

Over the next few days we relaxed by the beach, by the pool, saw other consultants and dined together and saw some shows. Watkins booked a day trip to the Isle Mujeures where we could snorkle, swim, bike, walk to the shops, relax in hammocks and more!

My husband and I also booked a day trip to the temples which was an incredible experience!

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Looking out from our patio to the pool below at night - invigorating! You could hear the ocean past the pool and during the day so many birds, it was beautiful! Who would think a free vacation would be so great?


The buffets were great but sometimes you want to stay in your pj's and just have breakfast in your room...actually outside of your room! 24/7 room service was amazing. Who would think I'd travel all the way to Cancun just to stay in my pj's? 


Across from Cancun is the Isle Mujeres. An island full of fun and amazing turquoise waters. Bike, travel to the shops, swim, snorkel, sleep in hammocks - you choose! So inclusive for a free vacation, I was super impressed!


At the Cancun temples you will see all sorts of stonework. Despite it's age the temples are in pretty good shape and still hold great detail - can you spot the live Iguana in this shot?


Standing up against the elements, you can see how sturdy these structures were. To preserve the integrity, climbing most displays is no longer permitted.


Photos do not do this justice! The temples are SO HIGH and majestic. You can also go into the playing arena where competitors would play to the death as sacrifice was seen as an honor. If you travel to Cancun, you must check these out!


The Isle Mujeres just off of Cancun where you can relax almost anywhere you desire! 


Mangroves - so mystical. Showing the true clarity of the water plus the diverse animal life - you need to experience the mangroves in person! A great feature to travel is seeing things we don't see everyday!


Looking over the edge of the boat as we left the Island, unbelievable clarity of the water, you could just be hypnotized and watch the fish all day. Cancun has so much beauty.


At the Cancun resort in the spa section, waterways surround the structures and bring peace and tranquility.


Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a quiet drink on the private patios around the resort! 


All lobbies have interesting sculptures - this little guy looked quite cool in the shade!