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Tamara Lynn #378193    Indep Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager 

  Winnipeg, Manitoba    403-998-8597

Video: Understanding the Compensation Plan


Video: Watkins Compensation Plan - Points vs Volume This video will explain the Watkins Compensation Plan. I will go over the difference between Points and Volume, how different level are determined, the defination of points and volume, how to understand your reports and the pay structure as well as an overview of the different levels. How the Home Business Works Understanding how a home business works is key to success.  Many home businesses sound simple and easy and often there are hidden rules or restrictions which conflict with how you wanted to run the business. I encourage anyone wishing to start the business to contact me with any questions and I'm happy to answer them for you. This is a business decision and being fully informed is your right. Restrictions to Selling Watkins:  Only in person to those in

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Video: How to Order Products Online


Video: How to Order Watkins Products Online  You can order Watkins products online right from your computer and have them shipping to your door! Order is quick and easy. If you are in Canada the products will ship from Canada so there is no currency exchange or customs worry. Likewise, if you are in the USA the products will ship from our USA warehouse! Products typically arrive in 5-7 business days and will be delivered right to your door. You can look at our online catalogue  and then visit the Watkins website to create your free customer account and place your order. Be sure to look at our specials too. Order Watkins products online now... If you are considering joining Watkins as a consultant (to get discounts on your own purchases and/or to earn extra income, follow the link below to learn about the

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Chef Dog – Looking for Watkins Spices & Extracts


Chef Dog - Looking for Watkins Spices & Extracts Chef Dog has stepped up his game and is looking for Watkins spices and extacts! Now who would've thought that these wonderful spices would be so sought after? Evolution is taking place before our eyes as we see other species learning new things so they too can cook with Watkins spices - wow! What Makes Watkins Spices So Great Watkins spices are top quality and have always been top of the line. A little goes a long way with this amazing spices and blends. With Watkins you know you are getting the best of the best, sourced from the finest ingredients. Watkins offers a variety of organic spices as well as marinades and blends such as steak seasoning, hamburger seasoning, grilling seasonings, taco seasoning and so much more! Introducing -

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Watkins Home Business Membership Sale


Watkins Business Membership on Sale - January 2023 What a great way to bring in 2023 and get a fresh start! The Watkins home business membership is 50% this month (January 2023!) For only $14.95 you can get your business up and running today. No autoshipments or quotas to remain action, learn more! Why Start a Watkins Home Business There are many reasons you may wish to have a Watkins home business. Any home business has it's perks including tax write-offs since you are a business owner and work from your home. Choosing the right home-business it what is important! Watkins: Tax write-offs (chat with your accountant to learn more) Flexibility to work when you want, how you want No autoshipments or quotas to remain active Good compensation plan with personal discounts Various achievement level bonuses each month if you qualify Top quality

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Special Price on Watkins Home Business July 2022


Join Watkins Business for Special Price - July 2022 If you have been wanting to join Watkins and start your Watkins home based business, July 2022 is the PERFECT time to start! With a special price on the Watkins home business this month, and total flexibility, you can get started today and still enjoy summer at home and vacation time! Special Price on Watkins Home Business - July 2022 We have a special promotion this month for new consultants who want to join Watkins! Our membership fee has always been low, regular $29.95. This month, however, you can join for only $19.95! It is a very low price to invest and start up your Watkins home business today. You can still enjoy summer and work your regular job while getting your Watkins business up and running. Plus, enjoy discounts on your own purchases

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Watkins Products In Stores


Watkins Products In Stores Have you heard about Watkins products being sold in stores?It is true and there are a few things you need to know if you come across a store selling Watkins products. Why are Watkins Products In Stores Fewer and fewer consultants were going out to markets and fairs and getting themselves known. Watkins has always relied on consultants to get out in public and represent the company and make customers aware of the variety of products offered. As each consultant is on their own for advertising, you can imagine it isn't always easy for customers to find Watkins products, even if their neighbor was selling it! Many customers even believed Watkins had closed it's doors since they didn't see it anywhere. The Watkins Co. decided on a method called Brand Awareness and began placing some of the line in stores. If you have ever been

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Selling Watkins Products


Selling Watkins Products Selling Watkins Products: How, Why and Where?Watkins has been around for over 150 years, selling top quality household and personal care products to people across North America. Customers love our products and we are always looking for consultants to help deliver these products to our customers! Selling Watkins to Customers Directly One of the easiest ways to sell Watkins products is to sell to customers directly. This can be in your local community or outside of it, Watkins consultants are not bound by territory.  Using word of mouth and referrals is one way to get your name out there. You can also advertise on a local bulletin board (with their permission) or, if you join up on my team you can be listed on so customers can find you that way.Personally, I like to keep some stock on hand for those quick sales. I keep

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Join the Watkins Home Business as a Consultant


How to Join Watkins as a Home Business Consultant   Are you wanting to join Watkins as a home business consultant but unsure how to get started? Or perhaps you are trying to join but having some problems signing up? I can help! All of our consultants join online through the official Watkins website, however, sometimes people have computer issues or only have mobile phones making it trickier to get signed up. If you are having problems joining and want help - I am here for you. See below for your two options to join:   Join Online   Our main website is and it is here you will join as a Watkins consultant. To be placed on my team you can go to   Join Watkins in Canada Video       Join Watkins in USA Video       Get Help to Join Watkins If you are

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How to Work During Covid Shutdown


Working From Home Many people have been asked to stay home right now. So how do you work during Covid shutdown? Even if you have a job but work remotely from home or perhaps you have to stay home because the kids have no daycare or schooling, you can work from home to earn extra income. With a flexible schedule and something you can do online, a work at home business may be perfect for you right now. Home Business - Home Schooling If you are having to home school you are likely wondering what subjects to teach and how. There are many online educational programs and you can even do other lessons like cooking, crafts and other life lessons and skills. A home business is a great way to teach your kids about business and how to approach the online world for business. You can teach advertising and marketing and even

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Best Work From Home Businesses


Are you wondering what the best work from home businesses are? You are not alone! It's great you want to start your own business but there are many considerations to make sure you start off with the right business that will help you reach your goals! Why a Home Business There are so many reasons you may wish to start your own home business. You may want some extra income or perhap you want to be at home more to stay with family. A home business also allows you to be more flexible so you can attend appointments, take care of the home and family, not to mention vacation when you want as long as want. Many people start a home business and work it part-time with the intention of building it up so they can eventually work it full-time. Others use the business to add security to their retirement plan. Because

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