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Foods To Fight Inflammation


Want better health? You can take control of your health through your diet and the foods you eat! Inflammation is caused when our immune systems react to a 'threat'. This threat can be other foods, chemicals or anything else that seems foreign to the body. When the body detects a threat it responds with inflammation which can be off and on. However, we can also develop 'chronic' inflammation where the body is in a constant state of inflammation. To help combat this condition, we can choose foods to fight inflammation and be on our way to better health! Foods to Help Reduce Inflammation Green Leafy VegetablesBroccoliAlmonds & WalnutsFatty SeafoodAvocadosPeppersGreen TeaMushroomsGrapesTurmeric (found in curry)CinnamonGingerBlack PepperStrawberries, blueberries, oranges & cherriesExtra Virgin Olive oil Foods to Avoid White breads and pastry/muffinsFried foodsRed and processed meatUnhealthy fats like margarine, lard and shortening Alcohol Diets Good for Fighting Inflammation Seeing the list above, it's no wonder that

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Chicken Curry Penne Pasta


Yummy Chicken Curry Penne Pasta Recipe This is a great go-to dish and so simple to make. With a rich taste and super creamy, this is sure to be a family favourite! This chicken curry penne pasta dish is easy to make and makes GREAT leftovers for the next day as the spices will enhance. Oh, and don't forget the Watkins spices...they truly make the difference! Chicken Curry Penne Pasta Looking for comfort food meets a touch of spice? Look no further! This creamy curry chicken penne is as flavorful as it is colorful! 1/4 cup Butter2 TBSP Coconut Oil (use unrefined for coconut flavor!)4 TBSP Watkins Organic Curry Powder2 TBSP Watkins Organic Garlic Powder4 boneless chicken breasts (cubed)1 tsp Watkins Pink Himalayan Salt2 tsp Watkins Pepper1 cup Heavy Cream2 cups cooked penne noodles1 cup peas (frozen or fresh) Frying SauceIn saucepan, add butter and coconut oil along with curry and garlic

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