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Watkins Business Membership Promotion

Check out our Watkins business membership promotion! This month, join Watkins for only $29.95 and get your 2nd year free! The regular Watkins business membership is $29.95 each year, no autoshipments or quotas and if you join this month, July 2023 you will get the 2nd year free!

Enjoy discounts, consultant only specials and, of course, the option to earn extra money selling Watkins products!

Learn more about the business here and how to join up!


Watkins business membership promotion july 2023

Watkins products are top quality and satisfaction guaranteed! We have an amazing variety of spices, extracts, blends, marinades, sauces, dip mixes and more. Everything you need to bring extra flavor to your favorite cooking dishes!

We also offer a selection of health products for good living. Since 1868 Watkins has been trusted to serve customers across North America and today we are still going strong, bringing the best of the best to your door. Consultants are always needed to help customers get the products they seek and we welcome you to look at the Watkins home business and see if it’s right for you!

What to know about the Watkins Home Business

Upfront Discount

When you order for yourself, if your order qualifies you will receive your discount right away. Going with a minimum order and our lowest discount, this means when you order $150 or more in one order, you get 15% off that order right at checkout. So you are saving $22.50 right away. Order at least once more during the year and the membership has paid for itself and you saved extra. Order more than that and it’s all savings.

Consultant (Member) Only Discounts

We often have consultant only sales to which are for our paid members. Sometimes they are bulk buys, and other times or at the same time there are also clearance items. Example, this month (May 2023) we have our Steak and Chicken Grilling Seasonings on as a 12 pack and save 22% which is $18 savings. Now of course, you may say “Well I don’t need 12 jars of steak spice (then again, if you are a fanatic BBQ griller like me, maybe you do!) but that’s fine, you can sell those spices to others at the discounted price or regular price and earn some cash, your call.

Other Discounts

We also have other member only discounts on products when they are on clearance or about to be discontinued. You can often save upwards of 50% on these items and again, keep them for yourself or sell them to others, never any pressure.

Selling Requirements With a Watkins Membership


Okay that would be a pretty short paragraph but what can I say, there are no selling requirements with a Watkins membership! You can buy whenever and whatever you want as many or few times as you want. Some members (consultants) will buy monthly while others may only buy once a year. You do not have to buy any amounts to keep your membership active. It is an annual membership which doesn’t even auto-renew, so the control lies with you.

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