Watkins free vacations

Watkins Free Vacation

The Watkins Performance Rewards Program

One other perks of this business is the Performance Rewards Program. This program allows you to work towards the goal of earning the Trip for 1 or 2 each year. Imagine winning free vacations each year! There is no max allowed number of winners, if you meet the qualifications then you win - it's that simple!

Unlike other companies who offer free trips (usually on a weekend and for a couple of days), we do not stick you in a board room for 8 hours of each day. When you get this trip for 5 days you get to relax and have fun. We may have a short morning chat once or a dinner to meet someone special but the rest of the time is yours. Watkins also usually plans a day excursion which is optional. 

I've been on a couple of these trips and it's consistently wonderful! I get to meet other consultants and upline leaders I haven't seen in awhile. We share stories and tips and ideas and mostly, we get to relax, enjoy a well deserved holiday and have fun! I always plan an extra day trip somewhere to get the most out of the travel destination and I will book extra nights as well! It really is a great program and instead of paying for a vacation out of your pocket - you can let Watkins take care of airfare, hotel, food and beverage and just relax!

Also, another great perk is if you can't go on a vacation you have earned, the company will offer you a cash bonus instead! Sometimes life has other plans and we can't get away on vacation - Watkins still rewards you with cash bonuses. For example, I have earned seven trips but only went on three because sometimes you just can't get away. The extra cash is great!

Watkins Free Vacations Program: Earn free trips to all inclusive destinations including airfare!

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