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JR Watkins Personal Care Products

In business since 1868, some of these recipes are over 150 years old! Others are newer and have been formulated to fit with customer demand. The JR Watkins Personal Care Products are top quality and strive to meet all satisfaction of our customers. Have Questions? Feel free to contact me here...

jr watkins body lotion
jr watkins soap
jr watkins medicated green tin ointment

Body Lotions

Deeply moisturizing and including natural products, JR Watkins body lotions are wonderful. Treat your skin to a spa-like experience.

Body Wash & Soap

Self-foaming hand soaps, liquid soaps and bar soaps - we have it all here. Made with natural ingredients and scented with essential oils.

Cough & Cold

#1 Fave!  JR Watkins Green Tin Medicated Ointment is one of the most popular products. Soothe aches from a cold and on arthritis pains.

watkins petro carbo cow teat red tin salve
jr watkins toilet bowl cleanser
jr watkins gifts and kits

Pain Relief

For anything skin related: bug bites, cuts, scrapes - this salve can help heal. One of the the top #1 products today: JR Watkins Petro Carbo Salve.

Home Cleaning

Get the job done with JR Watkins home cleaning products. From new plant-based cleaning to traditional formulas.

Gifts & Kits

Maybe you want to sample some items, or perhaps give a unique gift? JR Watkins gifts are perfect for any occassion!

watkins deet and icaridin bug spray
jr watkins laundry detergent
jr watkins candles and room freshener

Bug Spray

Canada Only - These JR Watkins bug repellants are a favourite doctor recommended product. Two formulas (DEET and Icaridan) to protect you better.


Perfect for HE washing machines, the JR Watkins laundry detergent is gentle and working amazing on the toughest jobs.

Room Freshener

Freshen up that room with a JR Watkins soy-based candle. Available in Lemon Cream, Aloe & Green Tea and Lavender. Makes the perfect gift for any occasion!