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Watkins Food Products

If you have heard of Watkins then you likely know them for their amazing food products. Watkins food products have been around a long time and there are also new items to meet customer demand. New items like our organic line of spices and seasoning blends! Top quality, full-flavour and affordable prices: The Watkins reputation . Looking for something specific and can't find it? Please contact me to see how I can help!

Watkins is product to offer pure, organic spices. Non - GMO and Gluten free, you will find these Watkins organic spices full of rich flavor

Use these famous Watkins extracts in your favourite recipes. For baking, cooking and even making drinks! Very versatile and a wide selection

Full of flavor and totally versatile. Our Watkins Beef and Chicken soup base and gravy mix is out of this world. Try it and you will see the difference

Nothing compares to original Watkins Cinnamon! Full of flavor and the top most quality, try it and see for yourself. Great on desserts and in baking

The best of the best pepper out there. Watkins customers love Watkins pepper and will go out of their way just to get it

One of the most popular products: Watkins Vanilla! Great for baking and using in frozen recipes. Our classic vanilla has received top awards for a long time

NEW! Made with pure ingredients and essential oils. Full of flavor and no harmful additives, just natural goodness.  Watkins Pure Extracts!

Try our all-natural food colorings. Non-GMO, Gluten free and no FD&C colors. Natural decorating at it's finest. New - Watkins natural baking products.

Take the guesswork out of spicing things up. Our seasoning blends make it easy to just mix and serve. Watkins Seasoning Blends to use in dips, sauces and cooking recipes!