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Free Ebook: Successful Online Business Building

Welcome! You have found a hidden page on this site and not one that is easily found! On this page you can download my FREE Ebook: Successful Online Business Building!

I am using this page to offer the free download to people just like you - who want to learn about getting started with an online business.

But who am I to write about such things? Good question! My name is Tamara Laschinsky and as of this posting (Sept. 2019) I have been doing this for over 10 years now. My educational background is E-Commerce and Marketing and when I used to work outside of the home I held various positions in office management, bookkeeping, sales and executive assistant.

Back in 2008 I started a home-based business just as a hobby and soon after, realized I no longer wanted to work outside of the home. Taking the plunge, I dove into this (and other businesses) over the years, learning as I went. Some trends came and went, others went strong. Heck, when I started I didn't even know what a blog was! Twitter was barely a couple years old and not that widely used yet and Instagram was still 2 years away from launching.

I owned my own online businesses, shipping natural products all over the world. My interest in health and wellness grew and I began to write articles for various websites, eventually publishing my own books along the way.

One thing has remained consistent - my dedication to my Watkins business! Over 10 years with this company and it's what I do full-time at home. I've been on many free trips and earned great income, helping me stay home and find the work/life balance I've been looking for!

Free E-Book

I am happy to offer this free E-book for you to download. 6 simple steps to get you started with your online business!


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