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Tamara Lynn #378193    Indep Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager 

  Winnipeg, Manitoba    403-998-8597

Selling Watkins Products


Selling Watkins Products Selling Watkins Products: How, Why and Where?Watkins has been around for over 150 years, selling top quality household and personal care products to people across North America. Customers love our products and we are always looking for consultants to help deliver these products to our customers! Selling Watkins to Customers Directly One of the easiest ways to sell Watkins products is to sell to customers directly. This can be in your local community or outside of it, Watkins consultants are not bound by territory.  Using word of mouth and referrals is one way to get your name out there. You can also advertise on a local bulletin board (with their permission) or, if you join up on my team you can be listed on so customers can find you that way.Personally, I like to keep some stock on hand for those quick sales. I keep

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How to Work During Covid Shutdown


Working From Home Many people have been asked to stay home right now. So how do you work during Covid shutdown? Even if you have a job but work remotely from home or perhaps you have to stay home because the kids have no daycare or schooling, you can work from home to earn extra income. With a flexible schedule and something you can do online, a work at home business may be perfect for you right now. Home Business - Home Schooling If you are having to home school you are likely wondering what subjects to teach and how. There are many online educational programs and you can even do other lessons like cooking, crafts and other life lessons and skills. A home business is a great way to teach your kids about business and how to approach the online world for business. You can teach advertising and marketing and even

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