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Benefits of Working From Home


Benefits of Working From Home Are you wondering about the benefits of working from home? Many people run a home-based business and find it is helfpul in a variety of aspects of their lives. See if you could benefit from starting a home-based business today! More Family Time and Work/Life Balance One benefit of working from home is better work/life balance! For many this means more family time and a less hectic pace for getting everything done.  You can still get your household work done and take the kids to doctor appointmets and work in between that schedule. Saving money on child care costs, commuting and other expenses associated with working outside of the home. Using part of the work week to finish on household chores also frees up your weekends so you enjoy more quality time.   Flexible Vacations Another Benefit of Working

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Watkins Products In Stores


Watkins Products In Stores Have you heard about Watkins products being sold in stores?It is true and there are a few things you need to know if you come across a store selling Watkins products. Why are Watkins Products In Stores Fewer and fewer consultants were going out to markets and fairs and getting themselves known. Watkins has always relied on consultants to get out in public and represent the company and make customers aware of the variety of products offered. As each consultant is on their own for advertising, you can imagine it isn't always easy for customers to find Watkins products, even if their neighbor was selling it! Many customers even believed Watkins had closed it's doors since they didn't see it anywhere. The Watkins Co. decided on a method called Brand Awareness and began placing some of the line in stores. If you have ever been

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Selling Watkins Products


Selling Watkins Products Selling Watkins Products: How, Why and Where?Watkins has been around for over 150 years, selling top quality household and personal care products to people across North America. Customers love our products and we are always looking for consultants to help deliver these products to our customers! Selling Watkins to Customers Directly One of the easiest ways to sell Watkins products is to sell to customers directly. This can be in your local community or outside of it, Watkins consultants are not bound by territory.  Using word of mouth and referrals is one way to get your name out there. You can also advertise on a local bulletin board (with their permission) or, if you join up on my team you can be listed on FindaLocalConsultant.com so customers can find you that way.Personally, I like to keep some stock on hand for those quick sales. I keep

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Watkins Membership Sale: Sell Watkins Now


Amazing Watkins Special Promotion If you have been wanting to sell Watkins products or just get a personal discount - now is the time! This Watkins membership sale is the first ever for such a low price! Only $14.95 and there are NO Autoshipments or quotas! It's totally flexible and designed to work with your schedule. About Selling Watkins Products As a Watkins business consultant you are free to sell products to customers across Canada & the USA. You may sell directly, at markets or trade shows, do home parties or have customers visit your online store provided by Watkins! There are no autoshipments or quotas to remain active, it is totally flexible and you can fit it into your schedule. Sell to customers, buy for yourself, family & friends - the choice is yours! You get discounts based on volume plus discounts on sales prices and consultant only sales! You can

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