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Tamara Lynn #378193    Indep Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager 

  Winnipeg, Manitoba    403-998-8597

How to Order Watkins Products Online


How to Order Watkins Products Online   Our website has changed and it may look a bit different for you! If you were a registered customer before you will be required to change your password and log in again. Watch the video tutorial on how to order Watkins products online. If you have any problems, please contact me and I can help you out.  If you do not have a desktop computer or are having difficulities putting your order in, let me know. I am happy to phone you and  help you get your order placed.    Order Watkins Now...

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Join the Watkins Home Business as a Consultant


How to Join Watkins as a Home Business Consultant   Are you wanting to join Watkins as a home business consultant but unsure how to get started? Or perhaps you are trying to join but having some problems signing up? I can help! All of our consultants join online through the official Watkins website, however, sometimes people have computer issues or only have mobile phones making it trickier to get signed up. If you are having problems joining and want help - I am here for you. See below for your two options to join:   Join Online   Our main website is and it is here you will join as a Watkins consultant. To be placed on my team you can go to   Join Watkins in Canada Video       Join Watkins in USA Video       Get Help to Join Watkins If you are

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Watkins Membership Sale: Sell Watkins Now


Amazing Watkins Special Promotion If you have been wanting to sell Watkins products or just get a personal discount - now is the time! This Watkins membership sale is the first ever for such a low price! Only $14.95 and there are NO Autoshipments or quotas! It's totally flexible and designed to work with your schedule. About Selling Watkins Products As a Watkins business consultant you are free to sell products to customers across Canada & the USA. You may sell directly, at markets or trade shows, do home parties or have customers visit your online store provided by Watkins! There are no autoshipments or quotas to remain active, it is totally flexible and you can fit it into your schedule. Sell to customers, buy for yourself, family & friends - the choice is yours! You get discounts based on volume plus discounts on sales prices and consultant only sales! You can

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