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Can a Home Business Really Work


Can a Home Business Really Work At some point, many of us have thought about working from home and how nice it would be. The one thing often stopping us is the question of "Can a home business really work?"  It's a very legit and valid question and there is not concrete answer as it depends on many factors. Mainly - you! A home business can certainly work, but it does depend on many factors. Let's examine them in detail. What You Need to Consider With a Home Business There are many things to consider when looking at a home business. Below we will go over some of the important things in summary. Quotas to Reach If the business you are looking at has quotas you must reach each month to remain active or to be paid on sales, you may find it more

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Members Get a Discount on Personal Purchases


Watkins Members Get a Discount on Personal Purchases Love Watkins products? Did you know Watkins members get a discount on personal purchases? That's right, when you buy a membership for only $29.95/year you can get discounts on your own purchases. You also get access to 'consultant' only sales and prices. Of course, you can sell products too and earn extra income, but even if you just wanted to save some money on purchases for yourself and family/friends you totally can! How Much of a Discount Can I Get Our discount schedule is posted below and will show you how much of a discount you can get on your purchases. Upfront Discount When you order for yourself, if your order qualifies you will receive your discount right away. Going with a minimum order and our lowest discount, this means when you order $150 or more

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