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Easy Turkey Recipe

Oh yeah! It's that time again (for some of you it's always that time!) Turkey time. Now, turkey is a really good meat, makes lots of leftovers and when done right, can be quite simple to make. So you don't have to wait for holidays to make turkey, really. This easy turkey recipe will satisfy your dinners guests and allow you more time relax with them during the day!

Turkey Dinner

Turkey dinners really are very versatile. I mean, the bird is the bird and there are some standard things you must do (Wash, Season, Stuff or at least spice inside, Tie it up, cook it!) The variation comes in how you spice it, and will you put a stuffing inside or bake it outside?

So many different spices to use (don't worry - Watkins has you covered!) and for the stuff, man oh man! A stuffing with herbs, onions and veggies..or maybe a fruit stuffing with cranberries, apples and oranges? Maybe you will need to make 2 turkeys!

As long as you have an easy Turkey recipe, you will deliver a nicely cooked, moist bird that will be easy to cut and serve up. No more under-cooked turkeys (I strongly suggest a meat thermometer as these things are amazing!) and no more dry saw dust turkeys!

Do you have a favourite easy turkey recipe? I'd love to read about it and maybe even add it to my Turkey collection where I can publish it for other readers! Just contact me with the details!