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Watkins Catalogue

Looking for a Watkins catalogue to browse through? Here you can look at the Watkins Canada and the Watkins USA catalogue. It's fun to browse through the collection but don't forget to look online as that is where our monthly sales & specials are posted!

Why two different catalogues for Canada and the USA? First, due to government regulations some items are allowed in one country and not the other.

watkins canada usa catalogue

Watkins Canada Catalogue

Second, demographics plays a big role too. Some items are popular in the USA and not so much in Canada (and vice versa).

The Watkins Canada Catalogue has a wide selection of products and for your convenience, will feature all prices in Canadian dollars.  Orders placed in Canada, ship from Canada - no duties or custom charges!

Watkins USA Catalogue

The Watkins USA Catalogue is also priced in it's native currency: USD. Orders placed in the USA will ship from the USA and be charged in USD.

Other Ways to Shop for Watkins Products

Catalogues are nice to flip through but they can also get outdated - plus they won't always show the current specials and any flash promotions!

Did you know you can log into the Watkins website and see ALL the products we have for sale. Plus you can go to Monthly Specials and Limited Time Offers to see some really great deals!

In order to see all the specials available, you must access to website through a consultants e-shop site here. If you decide to order, I always recommend creating an account. You can order without creating an account but creating a customer account has many benefits including:

  • Tracking your order
  • Seeing your order history
  • Getting special offers
  • Easier for future ordering
  • Ability to save payment information & shipping address

Did you know? You can also log into your account, place an order and ship it to another location! So if you had a family member for example, who lived anywhere in Canada or the USA, you could order them up their products and have it shipped direct to them! (Orders $100 or more ship for free!)