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Watkins Products in Canada & USA

Since 1868, Watkins has been producing products for consumers. Starting as a small home business, Watkins products were made in small batches and sold by word of mouth. Now Watkins products in Canada & USA are found all over the continent!

As with all great formulas, it didn't take for word to spread about these great products and customer demand began to increase. Products began selling out of a new business location and sales people were hired to expand the customer base.

Now, over 150 years later, Watkins products in Canada & USA are very much in demand.  The business still uses Indep. Watkins consultants to help sell the products. Many of the original products are sold today, plus new ones to meet customer demand.

Watch the quick 2 min video to learn more about the Watkins history.

watkins history 2 min video

 Food Products

Watkins is well-known for their food line. Offering some classics such as Cinnamon, Pepper and Vanilla, they also have some great spices and seasoning. Perhaps more than just 'some' - they have a whole line! More recently they introduced an organic spice line as well as pure extracts and some are offered in baker-sizes.

Check out the food line here and see what new items are available!

Personal Care Products

One of the newer additions to the lineup was the natural bath and body and natural house cleaning products. A wonderful addition indeed, you will find many soothing and comforting scents for house & home and body!

Bath, Body and housecleaning.  If it's for your body or the house, you will find it here.

jr watkins gift kits